Wednesday, 31 May 2017 07:27


MRM Coils inaugurated the long awaited Kenya Corrosion Project at its Mariakani Factory site. The Project is a structured research program being carried out jointly with the University of Nairobi Department Of Chemistry. The University assigned a Graduate student, Mr. Juspher Omondi, to three sites in Marikani, Nairobi and Kisii. Each of them has metal racks installed on which metallic coated and prepainted steel samples both from MRM and the Competition are installed and monitored during their lifetime to determine their rate of corrosion. The objective of this investment is to provide live data to help identify the different corrosion zones in Kenya as well provide MRM with data to support our value proposition as communicated to different publics. This type of data is currently lacking in Kenya and MRM has taken leadership, together with the University to bridge this gap.

According to Juspher, 'The five (5) year corrosion project is of two phases. First under natural weather conditions using data from local meteorological stations, pollution and salinity deposition rates for every five sites will be considered. Secondly, Cyclic Corrosion Tests (Laboratory tests) will as well be done using the average annual data to correlate the exact number of years each MRM and competitor products will degrade. The finding of the research will act as reference for clients within given locations on the best product for applications, to institutions there will be learning materials and to the international corrosion research centers the research will design a corrosion map as available for South Africa.
Accelerated corrossion projects were completed last year and the current focus is on monitoring displayed samples. So far, MRM products are superior to competition; both local and imported.

In 2016, Mr. John Onyatta presented his report on this project in South Africa. His presentation was also published in the African Corrosion Journal. You can read the full report here: Atmospheric Corrosion Studies in Kenya: Past, Present and Future.


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