Over many years Mabati Rolling Mills Limited (MRM) has developed a systematic and structured approach to Corporate Social Investments (CSI) which is based on our core values.
We prefer to use the term 'investment' as opposed to 'responsibility' as we firmly believe poverty alleviation and socio-economic development in our communities can only be achieved through a sustained approach.

Our CSI strategy encompasses the company's impact and interaction with society in three distinct areas; the company's own operations; the company's relationships with its business partners through the value chain and the voluntary or philanthropic contributions it makes to the communities within which we operate. CSI for us and the Safal Group is a core business pillar.

Our focus areas are: Shelter, Education, Health & the Environment.



We believe our Communities are our Homes and in partnering with our communities, we have a structured approach to shelter, encompassing re-roofing many projects annually (projects are put through a pre-determined qualification process and 'hand held' to completion). We are in the roofing business and therefore sheltering the less fortunate members of our society is of prime concern to us.

It is an ongoing activity for us. Some of the significant projects we have worked on are:
a) Immediately after the post election violence in 2007 we collaborated with Kenya Red Cross society in building 120 low cost houses for the internally displaced people in Naivasha, Kenya.
b) We built two primary schools, the Mutate Primary School, Elburgon and Sasumua Primary School in Kuresoi-Molo Sub-county which had been burnt to the ground.
c) Every year we make substantial DumuZas sheet donations to various institutions who make requests to us. We have donated DumuZas to those who lost their houses in a fire in Kibera and to 8 schools in the Kilifi county that were in dire need so that the students may have a conducive environment to study by having a roof over their head. These are just a few of the projects we have worked on ....


 Miwani-School-Roofing-Donation Re-roofing



We also have a carefully structured approach to Health as exhibited by our Mabati Medical Centre at Mariakani which treats close to 40 000 patients per annum in a full service facility including the latest technology diagnostics centre. Here we provide affordable quality primary health care to the less fortunate members of our society. Good health helps to improve one's quality of life. This is especially true of Mother-Child care where we focus to help reduce the high infant mortality rates in the area. We want to join our 1st lady here in Kenya in reducing maternal and child mortality which are high compared to the global standards.

Each year a Free Mega Medical Camp is organized in collaboration with Lions Club of Mombasa Pwani, offering services from family planning advice, to dental and eye care treatment, and simple operations such as cataract removal are carried out at no cost.


 Diagnostics-Centre Mabati-Medical-Centre



We have a structured approach to Education, exhibited by our Mabati Technical Training Institute which offers certified technical programmes to well over 500 Students annually.

Kuantzu the Chinese philosopher said "If you are thinking a year ahead – sow a seed. If you are thinking 10 years ahead – plant a tree. If you are thinking 100 years ahead – educate the people. By sowing the seed you will harvest once. By planting a tree, you will harvest 10 fold. By educating the people, you will harvest 100 fold.

We want to harvest 100 fold therefore we are giving importance to education and health. Education opens the door to a world of opportunities to improve one's standard of living.

We want to join the global community in moving towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals which mainly speak about reducing extreme poverty.


 MTTI Tailoring-and-Dressmaking-Course



Sustainability is a precious word to every employee at MRM and our actions are aligned with the principles of sustainable development, ensuring we "meet the needs of today without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

At MRM, sustainability is not an abstract global issue but a local focus area. Our starting point is to continuously improve and minimise the environmental impact of our own operations, through eco-efficiency in manufacturing. Whether it be reduced Energy or Water consumption or utilising environmentally friendly 'greener' fuel sources we run a continuous improvement programme around sustainability and technology development.
As part of our commitment to sustainability, MRM is working with industry bodies like NEMA, Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Kenya Private sector Alliance, Federation of Kenya Employers, Kenya Bureau of Standards and other government agencies, business partners and other concerned organizations to promote environmental care, increase knowledge and disseminate good practice.

We have participated in tree planting activities each year as part of our efforts to support a sustainable environment through tree planting, rain water harvesting, clean up activities and other means. In fact, we are moving our own Mabati Technical Training Institute and Mabati Medical Clinic to solar power, and self- sustaining water supply by rain water harvesting.


Solar-Power-Panels Environement