MRM Coil Operations


To be East Africa’s premier provider of Coated and Painted Steel for Roofing and Building solutions


To provide quality Coated and Painted Steel Solutions, through innovations and best practices, enhancing value for all stake holders


We will strive for the highest standards of Ethics, Safety, Compliance and Quality and we will be fair and caring towards Employees, Customers, Shareholders, Community, Environment and other Stakeholders.


Mabati Rolling Mills was the first company in Africa to use Aluminium–Zinc coating technology for mild steel, and the Safal Group remains the sole licensee of this patented technology on the continent. Referred to as 55% Aluminium–Zinc coating technology, and licensed by BIEC International Inc., it is globally acknowledged as the most advanced technology available worldwide for delivering extended service life to steel. Mabati Rolling Mills manufactures metal coated steel under the brand name Zincal®.

Zincal is also factory painted in a variety of durable and appealing colours. These products are sold under the brand names Colorplus®, Optima® and Optima Plus®, which have differing paint systems suited to the particular environments in which it will be used.

All products from Mabati Rolling Mills are clearly branded with an ink jet stamp on the underside of the coil. This provides our customers with the assurance that the products they are buying are made by Mabati Rolling Mills and accord with our quality standards.

Zincal logo                     colorplus logo                 optima logo                  optima plus logo 



Mabati Rolling Mills' state of the art Manufacturing Facility is located at Mariakani, some 40 kilometres from Mombasa in Kenya. It incorporates a Pickling Line, a Cold Rolling Mill, an Aluminium-Zinc Coating Line and Colour Coating Line. The Colour Coating Line, installed at the Mariakani site in 2017, is the most advanced colour coating line in Africa, and will provide East African markets with products and unique colours that this region prefers. Various paint systems used are engineered to provide optimal colour vibrancy and lifespan for differing application environments. 

A number of support lines and services have also been installed to enable Mabati Rolling Mills to maintain the highest standards of environmentally sensitive performance. These include an Acid Regeneration Plant, a Rewind and Trim Line, a Nitrogen Generation Plant, a Hydrogen Generation Plant, a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, an Effluent Treatment Plant and a Sewerage Treatment Plant.




Mabati Rolling Mills purchases Hot Roll Coild (HRC) from a variety of the Safal Group's current global suppliers such as Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corporation. The HRC coils are firstly cleaned through a fully automates Pickling Line to remove any mill scale. The cleaned coils are then Cold Rolled to a variety of gauges ranging from 0.20mm to 0.8mm in base metal thickness. Thereafter the coils are once again cleaned and then coated with a patented alloy of 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc 1.5% Silicon. This is sold to our customer base as Zincal®.

A further process involves painting of the Zincal coils with a factory apllied colour coating layer. This is then sold to market as COLORPLUS® or OPTIMA® or OPTIMA PLUS®. 



Mabati Rolling Mills produces coated steel to world-class standards. All our products undergo regular and extensive quality assurance tests during manufacture.

  • Trained quality inspectors are present through production phases
  • Hardness, tensile and yield tests are performed regularly
  • Coating performance is tested, including metallic coating and paint coating thickness tests
  • Salt spray testing and UV exposure (artificial weather testing)