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CLEARDEK® is a new generation of multiwall polycarbonate panel systems that allow for the ingress of natural light, yet is very strong, and provides thermal insulation. CLEARDEK may be used in a wide variety of roofing and cladding designs, flat or cold (spring) curved.

The cleardek standing seam system called topgal is engineered to be fixed by clips which fasten under the seam, allowing the panels to be clamped in place without any fastener penetration through the panels. This makes the standing seam system both watertight and long lived.

  • Features & Benefits

    1. Excellent thermal insulation reduces the amount of electricity required to heat the building in winter, and cool it in summer.
    2. The use of natural daylight reduces demand for artificial lightning.
    3. By blocking UV rays, it provides a healthier interior for humans and furniture.
    4. Lightweight material does not need a heavy subframe, so uses less materials and accessories, and reduces transportation energy.
    5. Fully recyclable.