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Investing in a good fundi affords you peace of mind during your construction journey

By Caroline Mwangi, Retail Manager, MRM

The decision to own a home is often arrived at after great pondering and consideration. Why wouldn’t it?

Not only is it a time consuming endeavour, but it also requires digging deep into one’s pockets. It is no wonder that most people with the desire to become home owners, first seek the wise counsel of real estate and construction professionals.

Poorly constructed homes tend to have grave repercussions-regardless of what sections have been neglected. This is evident by the collapsed buildings that have resulted in the loss of innocent lives over the years.

While poor structural designs and sub-standard building materials are major concerns in the construction process, they aren’t the only reasons behind poorly constructed homes. The one other culprit that is sometimes overlooked, is the construction labourer. Some of the unskilled and unqualified fundis who get the job done unprofessionally fast, often leaves one with the aftermath of reconstruction/reinstallation. Roofs, in particular, are the victims of such antics.

Poorly constructed steel roofs are easily blown away by the wind and produce annoying creaky sounds capable of robbing one of their beauty sleep. Worst of all, however, is the destruction they cause because of the unwarranted exposure. Harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall leave poorly roofed houses drenched in water and valuables damaged.

Professional workmanship, therefore, is a key piece to the puzzle that is home roofing. Given the delicate and protective role that roofs play, it’s crucial that the installers who undertake this job process are professionals.

Mabati Rolling Mills (MRM) has for the longest time been at the forefront of the production of quality roofing material. Quality service being at the heart of everything the company does led it to the creation of the Fundi’s Training Program. This is a program that teaches fundis about MRM’s wide basket of building solutions through theoretical and practical sessions.

Since the inception of the program, MRM has impacted over 4,000 fundis who can be easily accessed in the database. The program, which resumed this year due to the Covid 19 pandemic, has so far trained 360 fundis across MRM’s Service Centres and Showrooms.

The one day program currently entails two modules. In the first module, the course covers: introduction to roofing systems, roofing material, installation of tile profile, pierced fixed roofing sheet, pierced fixed flashings, Fixtite fasteners, rain water harvesting goods, sealants, polyclosures and Jenga Hub ( The second module deals with storage and handling, good practice skylights insulation introduction to light gauge, conceal fixed roofing sheets, Health & Safety, and ventilation. The training program undergoes continuous improvement and there are plans to introduce module 3 in 2023.

The weight that practical lessons carry in the learning process is undisputable. Going forward, we want to offer more practical sessions and also certify the installers. The plan is for a fundi to attend three practical sessions and receive a certificate. This will improve their livelihoods as they will be recognized as certified MRM installers and in return, they will be our ambassadors.

Having a fundi who is well versed in MRM’s wide array of building solutions and who is capable of properly installing roofs allows customers the quality installation process they desire. Also to note, a well-informed fundi is capable of offering meaningful suggestions further increasing the customer’s confidence in them. With a sturdy roof over their head, sleepless nights are completely done away with.

With programs such as the fundi training program, MRM seeks to continuously reinforce its position as a building solutions partner and a trusted partner too. Geoffrey Momanyi the National Sales Manager reiterated these same sentiments when he said, “Fundi training plays a crucial role in MRM’s customer service. When a consumer asks for after-sale service, we can recommend fundis that are in our database. This provides them with good installation, reduces consumer complaints from poor installation, and continues to build trust in us as a brand.”