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Mabati Rolling Mills Empowers Machakos School for the Deaf with Essential Supplies

In a remarkable initiative, Mabati Rolling Mills donated a collection of prize-winning Kiswahili literature to the Nairobi City County Skills, Talent, and Care Sector – Library Section. This act, conducted on July 14th, 2023, symbolized a significant move towards enriching the linguistic and cultural heritage of Kenya, with a strong focus on increasing the use of Kiswahili.

Nairobi City County Library has long served as a hub for culture and learning, providing a space for avid readers and students. However, the library’s Kiswahili collection had long been in need of expansion and rejuvenation.

The Safal Cornell Kiswahili Prize for African Literature, established in 2014, has been at the forefront of promoting the reading and writing of Kiswahili in East Africa. This prestigious literary award continues to encourage authors to explore the depths of Kiswahili language and culture. The prize-winning books from this competition, considered gems of Kiswahili literature, found a new home at the Nairobi City County Library.

On July 14th, Mabati Rolling Mills, led by PR and CSR Officer, Angela Masha, assembled at the Nairobi City County Library with The Safal Cornell Kiswahili Prize-winning books which were handed over with great enthusiasm to the library’s management.

Ms. Masha, speaking to a gathering of library staff and community members, emphasized the importance of increasing Kiswahili language usage in Kenya. “Mabati Rolling Mills is committed to serving the communities where we operate, our dedication extends beyond our products to the preservation and promotion of our rich linguistic heritage. By donating these prize-winning Kiswahili books, we aim to inspire greater use of our national language, fostering cultural richness and unity.”

Mr. Brian Mulama, Former CEC Education, Nairobi County present at the event expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the generous donation. “These books represent not just literature but also a tool for promoting Kiswahili usage. Mabati Rolling Mills has shown remarkable dedication to preserving our heritage and strengthening the use of our language. We anticipate that these resources will serve as a source of inspiration for generations to come.”

The impact of this initiative was profound, with far-reaching implications. With these prize-winning Kiswahili books now gracing the library’s collection, countless individuals from Nairobi City County and beyond would have access to Kiswahili literature. This generous donation is expected to significantly boost the use of Kiswahili language in Kenya, fostering a deeper sense of cultural pride and linguistic identity.