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Lifestile Wave

The Wave tile with a profile similar to a traditional
terracotta tile will stamp your personality on
your house with a sophisticated, unique look.

  • Features and Benefits


    Appearance of Lifestile roofing has a premium finish and design to satisfy the most discerning homeowner.


    At just 2.8kg/pc (5.98kg/sqm) Lifestile roofs are eight times lighter than clay or concrete tiles. This means less strain on the structure, easier and cheaper construction process.


    Despite being lightweight, Lifestile roofs are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to winds up to 233 kph.


    All the materials that go into Lifestile roofing are non-combustible, ensuring protection from any airbone fires.

  • Accessories


Can you harvest the water from the panels?

Yes, as long as the water for kitchen use is treated

Can we get custom lengths for the panel?

The panels come in standard lengths of 0.42m and a width of 1.3m

Is there a special form of installation?

No, any fundi that has attended our fundi training or has proven experience installing stone-coated sheets can aid with installation.

Do they contain any harmful material?

No, the components used to coat the mabati are made from natural stone and have no carcinogenic particles.

How long do they last?

We give a warranty of up to 50 years.

How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

50-year warranty as long all components of the installation are bought from MRM

How come our panels are more expensive as compared to other companies that offer the same?

Some of the unique advantages you get with our product iis the value for your money, as the product is of high quality and the widest in the market giving you more coverage and saving you money with every sheet.

We also utilize state-of-the-art color coating technology that ensures your roof stays beautiful for longer. To give you more assurance, we also give a written warranty with the purchase of our roofing solutions.

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